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Did you just purchase a property with a tear-down home or building?  Maybe you’d like to finally level that old barn or garage and rebuild a new one?  Whatever your reason for demolition of your structure it’s not as simple as just flattening it.  Depending on the age of the structure and the materials it contains (lead or asbestos) there are many safety precautions that might need to be taken.

NRG can clear and demolish obstructions in preparation for new construction and site improvements. No work can begin until the site is clear, so efficiency and focus on staying ahead of schedule are critical. NRG will take care of the work necessary to expedite project schedules saving you both time and money. Whether the job is small or vast NRG will take care of your land clearing and demolition needs efficiently. NRG provides a full range of land clearing and demolition services, including, but not limited to:

  • Complete Site Demolition

  • Selective Demolition

  • Clearing and Grubbing

  • General Cleanup

  • Debris Hauling and Disposal


​Proper demolition permits must be secured and each land clearing and demolition project starts with a plan for removal and disposal.  We dispose of all debris in accordance with local bylaws in your municipality.  With many years of experience in land clearing and demolition, NRG has cleared the way for numerous site improvements in the South Okanagan, establishing a reputation for quality work completed on time and within budget. 

We’ll make sure that your demolished structure is appropriately handled and we’ll leave no trace behind!

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